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Submit a Solution Brief


FEDSIM is accepting solution briefs in response to the solicitation(s) below during the indicated time periods. Submissions received after indicated time periods will not be considered.


CSO Areas of Interest

No solicitations are available at this time. Check back soon.

Please review the example terms and conditions, which are indicative of contract terms that may be applicable and incorporated in any resulting award from the CSO.

What We're Looking for in a Solution Brief

Please see the specific instructions available in the solicitation, but in general the solution briefs may include:

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Title Page

Include company name, solution name, solicitation number, date, point of contact name, email address, phone, and address.

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Solution Concept

Describe the unique aspects of your solution as it relates to the solicitation technical topic/area of interest. Address other technical areas as required by the solicitation.

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Company Viability

Address other corporate information as required by the solicitation.

Companies are hereby advised of the following:

  1. Solicitation for solution briefs is not a guarantee that award and obligation of funds will be made.
  2. The costs incurred by companies in the preparation and submission of their solution briefs in response to solicitations will not be paid by GSA and are not allowable as a direct charge to any GSA contract or agreement.
  3. All solution briefs shall be unclassified and not contain personally identifiable information.
    1. All solution briefs containing data that is not to be disclosed to the public for any purpose or used by the Government except for evaluation purposes shall be appropriately marked as such by the company.
  4. By submission of its solution brief, the company agrees that GSA:
    1. may reproduce the brief, or any portions thereof, to the extent necessary to evaluate the offer.
    2. may use information contained in the brief only for evaluation purposes and shall not disclose, directly or indirectly, such information to any person including potential evaluators, unless that person has been authorized to receive such information.